Sunday, 6 September 2009

Home Sweet Home

I'm back from my holiday now and I had such a lovely time, I didn't want to leave!

It soo nice to spend some time with my family, and Costa Rica was an amazing place to visit, I definitely want to go back there and explore by myself some day...
Although it was the wet season, we didn't get drenched more than a couple of times (but when it rained, it rained!) so I suppose we must have been quite lucky with the weather, and the fact that it was the rainy season meant that we saw heaps of wildlife as the forest is so lush and green around that time of year. I took far too many pictures (I had a new memory card and was intent on filling it!) but needless to say half of them were a bit rubbish, so I've just picked a few nice ones for the blog :)

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