Sunday, 26 July 2009

Liberty Love ♥

Ah-ha! I have confirmation that the dress I got from the jumble sale and the floral skirt I found in the charity shop last week are indeed Liberty!

I was wearing the dress (the one in the prettiest, brightest print, which I have now altered) while out shopping in York, when I was stopped and asked by a lady in her 50's where I had bought it. When I told her, she laughed and said I had picked up a bargin because she had bought the same fabric when she had worked at the Liberty store when it was open in York.
Imagine what I could find if I actually knew what I was looking for, rather than just raking up random bits that catch my eye...

I'm sorry if I sound a bit smug, but I just couldn't believe my luck, especially when I came across this belted shirt dress by Theory for £ the exact same fabric!

(I took the polaroid out of a taxi window last summer)



bee said...

lucky girl, i love liberty! there is a rather nice book of liberty fabric designs that i have my eye on.

i'm pretty jealous of those brogues too. i can't seem to find ANY tan brogues that fit me, vintage, new, or otherwise! bah!

Alice said...

Hii there :) the brogues were from Office, you should check online and see if there are any pairs left. I got mine last year, but they've worn really well and are soo comfy, i live in them! xxxxxx